Tire pressure varies greatly for different vehicles. Most cars produced since 1968 list the original tire size and inflation pressure (including the spare tire) on a vehicle place card. This place card is usually located on the driver-side door or door jam (Ford vehicles list on the rear passenger door jam), glove box door, fuel door or engine compartment. Truck tire pressure varies by the load the vehicle is carrying, however you can locate a general pressure in the truck's manual. Always check your tire pressure after the tires hav had time to cool down (before driving is the best time).

Most of today's cars are either front wheel or four-wheel drive. This is wonderful for traction, but hard on tires. If we rotate tires we will keep the rears from cupping, and the fronts from wearing too fast.

In every class of tires you will find a wide range of pricing. Some tires last longer, some have more traction, some are of higher performance. Your tire professional is the best person to fit your needs.

The head of a penny is about 2/32 of an inch, which is the same as the wear bars on most tires. If you do not have the same feel in the rain or in the turns, you may need to replace your tires.

Sidewall plies have joints that overlap. The taller the sidewall, the more you will notice the dent or wavy look of the sidewall. If you ever see a knot, or bubble in the sidewall, replace the tire at once.

The high center of gravity, along with the added weight of four-wheel drive creates new challenges for the tires. Some SUVs need mud traction while others just need good road manners. Look for the tire that will do the best job for your needs. Select a tire that is designed for your SUV.

Wheels will be in two main groups. Car, which is FWD, or truck and SUV, which will be RWD. This is a good time to look at plus one, two or three sizes to help you perform to the max. Remember shorter sidewalls will ride stiffer.

Weather is always a concern to your tires. Hot weather can be hard on the tire itself, while cold weather will cause your tires to have less air. Rain, snow, and ice are traction robbers, and you will need good tires to take them all on.

Yes you can go to a larger tire and wheel on almost every application. The computers, anti-lock brakes, and fender openings all add up to a job best left to professionals. You must also look at the tires ability to carry the load of the car. With work, you can make your car look better and handle much better.

Tires bloom as they age. The use of tire shine products that draw out the oils of a tire will cause the tire to crack or crust on the exposed side. Simple soap and water, with a little scrubbing on the whites will keep your tires looking like new for years.

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